Toradex Colibri i.MX6 Getting Started

Note that the current config files are not yet uploaded

Old Documentation

The old start page can be found here

Loading images

To load an image from a FTP server, see this section: Loading Image to a Board

Building the kernel and rootfs

For building the kernel and rootfs you will need buildroot. See Toradex i.MX6 Kernel

To build images from scratch see Creating images from scratch


The Colibri IMX6 evaluation board has a RS232 connector to connect to the serial console over UART. Note that you will need a gender changer and a null modem cable/adapter for it to work with a computer.


The cb20 rootfs includes a ssh daemon for ssh access.

Note that ssh login is disabled for root. You can use the pathos user isntead.

Default Credentials

4.9 images

user password
root root
pathos pathosimx6

3.14 images

user password
root toor
pathos pathosimx6

First step with a newly flashed board

After loading your new rootfs run the script in /opt/cb20/bin to allow the generation of SSH-Keys. Also the read-write partition mounted at /mnt/data is formatted.

Device tree

The device tree binary for the cb20 and evaluation board can be found on the NTB FTP server (\\inf004\ftp)