The Acontis EtherCAT Stack

Class A and Class B

The Acontis stack is divided into two parts. The Class B Master forms the basis. The Klass A Master is an add-on that allows synchronization with Distributed Clocks (DCM = Distributed Clocks Master Synchronization).

Software libraries and components

The toolchain consists of several components and libraries, some of which were purchased and some of which were developed in-house.

  1. EtherCAT Master Core[libEcMaster.a]
    • Base of the EtherCAT stack.
    • EC-Master-V2.9-Linux_x64-Eval/SDK/LIB/Linux/x64/libEcMaster.a
  2. atemsys [atemsys.ko]
    • Linux kernel module. Grants direct HW access from user space.
    • Must be compiled for the kernel used.
    • EC-Master-V2.9-Linux_x64-Eval/Sources/LinkOsLayer/Linux/atemsys
  3. EC LinkLayer []
    • Library EtharCAT Master Link Layer for Intel8254X EtherNet hardware.
    • Special Ethernet hardware driver optimized for use with EtherCAT.
    • Replaces the installed ethernet driver
    • Different LinkLayer may be needed for different Ethernet Hardware
    • Check compatibility list in EC-Master_ClassB.pdf Supported network controllers
    • EC-Master-V2.9-Linux_x64-Eval/Bin/Linux/x64/

TODO „EC-Master-V2.9-Linux_x64-Eval/SDK/LIB/Linux/x64/libAtemRasSrv.a“ Remote API Server, i.e. with EC-Lyser (optional?)

EEROS only components

These components are only required if the stack is used together with EEROS.

  1. EEROS Application [movingchair] The control application itself which is specially designed for each individual robot.
  2. EEROS [] the roboter framework.
  3. [ecmasterlib] Interface between Acontis and EEROS application (from NTB addapted EC-Demo of acontis „EC-Master-ClassA-AddOn-V2.9/Examples/EcMasterDemoDc“)