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Troubleshooting: Application does not start

Wrong device instance


003019 : PCI: device 00:19.0 found
003019 : *I8254x-EcLinkOpen() GetPciInfo failed (card not found in registry, 2. instance missing?)
003019 : CEcDeviceBase::Open() Failed to open link layer!


The wrong device ID was selected.


Change the device ID.

E.g.: Change

sudo ./EcMasterDemoEval -f ../../../../eni/06_ENI_2Elmo_1000ms.xml -i8254x 2 1 -perf


sudo ./EcMasterDemoEval -f ../../../../eni/06_ENI_2Elmo_1000ms.xml -i8254x 1 1 -perf

Bus configuration mismatch


007270 : Cannot start set master state to INIT (Result = Bus configuration mismatch (0x9811001e))


The network description in the ENI file does not match the connected EtherCAT network.

This can be due different reasons:

  • Wrong ENI file selected
  • Not all slaves are connected
  • Not all slaves are powered

If the problem occurs irregularly, then there is probably a hardware problem:

  • Bad EtherCAT connection between slaves
  • Short-term power loss due insufficient power supply (the slave may be booting while the master attempts to connect

Timing problems

Warning and error messages like these:

082039 : eUsrJob_ProcessAllRxFrames - not all previously sent frames are received/processed (frame loss)!
082039 : No response on cyclic Ethernet frame
082039 : DCM Status: ERROR: controller error - synchronisation out of limit (0x981201C2)

indicate timing and real-time problems. See Timing problems for more information.