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EtherCatInterface and ecmasterlib


The „ecmasterilb“ and „EtherCatInterface“ offer a relative easy way to use EtherCAT with EEROS or in standalone project.

  • „ecmasterlib“ offers the low level interface to the Acontis stack (class A). It is based on the demo application „EcMasterDemoDC“ from Acontis. „ecmasterlib“ starts the Acontis stack and runs all threads needed by the stack.
  • „EtherCatInterfaceBase“ is the base interface to „ecmasterlib“. It is inherited by all EtherCatInterfaces.
  • „EtherCatInterfaceElmo“ interface specific for Gold Twitter drives from ElmoMC. Other drive (i.e. Maxon Maxpos 50/5) need a different interface. You may want to copy and adapt „EtherCatInterfaceElmo“ for your drive.